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Trimming tree with professional machinery

Tree trimming

As trees age they require more tree tending, care and tree maintenance. This is the kind of in-depth, caring, and detailed tree knowledge that we bring to every residential and commercial job.

Bechtel Tree Service has only highly skilled, safe, fully trained tree and garden experts, to make sure you trees, lawn and gardens get the specialized caring they need and deserve.

So don't let dangerous low or dead limbs, or dead trees, threaten your home in the next windstorm--call Bechtel Tree Service in La Crosse Today!

Underbrush and overgrown lot clearing

Don't let an overgrown lot become a problem for you, your neighbors or your neighborhood, or possibly become a legal headache known as an "attractive nuisance".

We can address that overgrown lot and make it look great again!

So if you have an overgrown lot that needs attention and needs a new lease on life, call us today to see what lot clearing solutions we have for you. 
A Man Putting clearing lot
Autumn trees in Le Crosse, WI

Year round service

Since your trees, shrubs and garden don’t take the summer or winter off, we are always on call to provide quality tree service.    

Our trained experts are here to provide you, your trees and your yard year-round service.

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